greenangelheart, thanks for not leaving me hanging. Mwah! 

1. The meaning behind my URL: 

The house finch is a small bird found frequently in North America. It is small and red, descriptors which also apply to me as I’m short with ginger hair. Hence, “The House Finch.” 

4. Last time I cried and why:

I can’t really remember as I unfortunately don’t cry much…Oh wait. It was a few days ago when I was watching the trailer for WILD when she says, “My mother was the love of my life.” It gets me every time because it is exactly how I feel about my mother. 

17. A fact about my life: 

This is a really vague question similar to those which people ask during interviews, at which I’m really terrible. Like, seriously awful.

I guess a fact would be I’m twenty-five years old and I’ve returned to university having already completed one bachelors degree (technically I double majored but whatever) to get another bachelors in visual communications in the hopes of working for an international design consultancy/firm similar to Wolf Olins or Pentagram. My dream is to work for an office in the U.K. as I’ve dreamt of living there (at least for a little while) since I was sixteen. Unfortunately, this degree requires a full four years, which means I will be twenty-eight by the time I’m finally finished, a fact that is beyond depressing and frustrating for myself and my family. I feel like time and my life are slipping through my fingers!  


1. The meaning behind my URL

2. A picture of me

3. Why I love my bestfriend

4. Last time I cried and why

5. Piercings I have

6. Favorite Band

7. Biggest turn off(s)

8. Top 5 (insert subject)

9. Tattoos I want
10. Biggest turn on(s)

11. Age

12. Ideas of a perfect date

13. Life goal(s)

14. Piercings I want

15. Relationship status

16. Favorite movie

17. A fact about my life

18. Phobia

19. Middle name

20. Anything you want to ask

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